• You are excited about your new employee.
    But it's a lot of work to get him onboarded.
    You want him to have a great experience on his first day...
    ...so why are you requiring him to fill out paper-based new hire forms?
    Let TBE Onboard automate new hire packets and other onboarding activities.
    Cloud based documents and e-signature makes paper-based forms a thing of the past.

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Eliminate Paper-Based New Hire Forms
Automate New Hire Packets & Onboarding Activities with Taleo Onboard

Taleo Business Edition Onboard is the modern solution for new employee onboarding and converts your manual, paper-based new hire packets to electronic, cloud-based documents that enable employee self-service and e-signatures.

Anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Quick 2-Minute Video Overview of TBE Onboard

TBE Onboard At a Glance

Stop doing manual, paper-based new hire forms.

100% Paperless!

Your existing New Hire Packets will get moved to the Cloud. Instead of paper-based packets, convert all of your organization's new hire documents to online forms which employees complete via the web. Include standard forms such as I9, W4 and Direct Deposit Authorizations, but also company-specific documents such as your IT Security Policy or Code of Conduct policy forms.

Eliminate manual HR new hire tasks with Employee Self Service

Deliver new hire packets with one click in Taleo: new hires are automatically emailed a link to complete their new hire 'paperwork' online.

Eliminate missing or incomplete new hire forms

Automating new hire paperwork with TBE Onboard improves compliance and reduces error rates and legal risk. Taleo automatically sends email reminders to insure forms get completed. No more missing or incomplete forms!

Customize New Hire Packets for Different Departments, Job Types, Divisions or Locations

Customize the new hire packets by bundling forms and tailoring them based on your organization's needs. The system automatically determines which tasks and forms are needed for each new hire based on their department and location.

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Not Just for New Hires

Use TBE Onboard for All Employee Lifecycle Events. Add unlimited, customized company forms and documents to manage employee document requirements, such as ongoing IT Security policies or updated employee codes of conduct.

Eliminate All Employee Paper Forms and Hard Copy Storage

Replace all paper-based forms and document storage with electronic versions that are authenticated through e-signature.

Easily Retrieve Signed Employee Document Records in TBE

Stop digging through employee files and instead retrieve all forms for each employee in Taleo with a few simple clicks.

Automate IT & Facilities Requests

Take your existing IT and Facilities service request forms, and convert them to paperless online forms with TBE Onboard: automatically place electronic orders for new hire laptops, phones, access card keys and related new hire tasks.

Enable Employee Self Service for Employee Address Changes

TBE Talent Center allows employee self service to update common employee data such as address, phone, withholdings, and other common tasks.

Stop spending time on new hire paperwork; invest in helping new employees understand and succeed in your organization's unique culture.

Companies with modern, best practice onboarding processes benefit from:


Why Modern Human Resource Departments Choose TBE Onboard

The human capital management best practice is to automate new hire and employee documentation.

Reduce HR Administration

Employee self service allows your HR team to focus on strategic things and not administration. Instead of spending time on helping new hires complete their new hire paperwork, spend time helping new hires understand and assimilate into the culture of your organization.

Save Hours of HR Staff Time

Saves your HR team hours per week by automating new hire paperwork.

Improve New Hire Experience & Make a Positive First Impression

Improves candidate / new hire experience by making a positive, modern first impression.

Truly Paperless

So you can stop using all of your paper-based forms.

Eliminate the Fax Machine

Really. It's time. With online documents signed by e-signature, employees will no longer have to sign and send forms.

Saves Time & Money

Use employee self service technology and e-signatures instead of manual, paper based processes. HR staff no longer have to sit with new hires to make sure all the forms are completed and collected.

Remain 100% Compliant & Make Sure No Paperwork is Missed

TBE Onboard reduces errors and diminishes legal risk. Automatically confirm that all forms are fully completed on time. Track progress and completion rates of all required documents, all from Taleo.

Puts Employee Files At Your Fingertips

Instantly retrieve signed employee paperwork in Taleo, as opposed to digging through hard copy employee files.

The First Question Your New Hire is Going to Be Asked by Family and Friends on Day 1 is "How Was Your Day?"

Make sure it's a good one with TBE Onboard.

Here's How You Automate New Hire Onboarding

Actual screenshots of TBE Onboard: Simple. Easy. Functional.

Assign new hire activities and packets electronically.
Correct forms are automatically assigned based on location, department, etc. New hires get their state's tax forms automatically.
Automating forms ensures accuracy because fields and signatures can be required. No more missing info.
You aren't limited to just new hire paperwork. Automate other employment forms: an updated IT Security Policy, ordering a key car, computer or any other task requiring a signature.
All forms are accurately recreated online complete with enforceable legally binding e-signatures.
New hires can complete these forms anywhere, anytime, and on any device.
All your custom forms will be uploaded and enabled with e-signature technology.
No limit to the number of forms, packets or activities you can create.
E-signature supports dual signing forms needing both employee and manager signatures are easily handled.
Easily track the progress of online forms completion and other onboarding activities for each employee.
Automatically assign the right forms and packets based on department, location, job function or other attributes.
Track the progress of a group of employees against form or packet completion rates to ensure proper compliance.

Emails to new hires invite them to complete activities and packets electronically. E-signatures eliminate all paperwork and hand signatures.
Activities and forms may be bundled into common tasks to further streamline the process.
All e-signed forms stored in the employee record allowing for easy retrieval.
Self-service of required employment forms saves your HR team time while also improving the onboarding experience for your new hires.
Online forms and e-signatures allow new hires to complete paperwork before their start date.
Maintain compliance: No more incomplete or missing forms, data or signatures.
No more hard copy files E-signed documents are stored in the Taleo employee record.
Assign due dates for individual forms or packets and reminder emails are automatically sent to each employee.
Ensure compliance by making sure all employees complete and e-sign required forms, company policies and other "paperwork".
Easily send updated forms to groups of employees for e-signature - no more chasing after employees to remain in compliance after policy changes.

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RecruitingDash will have your system setup in about four weeks.

How Much Work Will I Have to Do?

Relax. We know you are busy. We'll ask you to gather up all your new hire forms so we may review. Then, after a simple 30-minute kickoff meeting, RecruitingDash does all the work, and you simply sign off on the completed system.

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